Ron Mitchell

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Ron Mitchell
804 Carmel Ave. Albany, CA 94706
Summary of Skills
● 30 years of experience in hydroponics/aeroponics as Master Grower
● Environment and lighting optimization for automated indoor agriculture
● Water quality and nutrient management (conventional and organic)
● Growing and packaging certifications and inspections (CDFA, CCOF, etc.)
● Organic and conventional integrated pest management programs
● Sanitation protocols and HACCP standards
● Supply chain management and traceability
● Advanced growing and pruning techniques for high quality year-round production
● Maximization of seed germination and rapid root and leaf development in plugs
Professional Experience
Founder and Owner, Mitchell C.E.A., Hawaii and California 1988–present
● Design, distribute, and teach state-of-the-art growing systems to commercial
growers. Specialize in LED lighting systems, bioponic living water, and using
controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) to maximize year-round yields, minimize
costs, and conserve resources. Work with many startup companies, managing
their R&D divisions. Consultant recently to Fresh Farms of Africa, Crop Protection
Tech. Singapore, Vegas Fresh Farms, Indoor Farms of America, Summa of Las
Vegas and Dark Heart for lighting, growing, equipment design, IPM, and training
Founder, Grower, and General Manager, Local Greens Farm,
an urban indoor vertical farm, Berkeley, CA 2012–2017
● Developed and built a sustainable commercial CEA system. Trained and led a
team of growers, processors, packers, and sales and delivery personnel. We sold
$60,000 per month of nutrient-dense certified organic produce year-round to
Whole Foods and other Northern California retail stores.
Greenhouse Consultant, PARsource, a professional grower division of Hydrofarm
Inc., Petaluma, CA 1996–2007
● As an equipment consultant for commercial growers, universities, and research
facilities, oversaw the design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and warranty
of equipment.
Education: U.C. Berkeley. Three-year course of study with Professor Paul Droll,
“father” of modern hydroponics.
S.F. City College San Francisco, CA.

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