Pr Hala Yousry

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As Professor in Rural Sociology and head of Social Studies department, Desert Research Center which is the focal point of UNCCD, I am leading the drew of the 5year plan and the yearly plan according to the National Strategy, the ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, the Desert Research Center goals and local communities needs.  I am leading with my colleagues and conducting social studies in desert areas and new reclaimed lands to identify developmental needs and identify the challenges of the local communities. We conduct assessment and evaluation studies for projects and programs as well as studies about social aspects of desertification & Climate Change in Egypt.

I participate in lots of training sessions for Egyptians and non-Egyptians in different issues such as: Social aspects to combat desertification and Drought, Women Empowerment, Local community empowerment and Civil Society engagement.

I participate in many scientific and developmental conferences locally, nationally, regionally and internationally.

As sociologist, I conducted good number of studies related to the following key words: Biogas, Rural Women, New reclaimed Lands, NGO’s, Gender issues, Sustainable Development,  Desertification, Climate Change, Food Security, Indigenous Knowledge, Agriculture Advisory Services, Rural Advisory Services, Leadership, Community participation and mobilization, Networking and Migration.

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