Andre Moliro

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Andre Moliro

André Moliro is a social entrepreneur living in Kinshasa. Committed since 2010, in the cause of the protection of the environment. He campaigns against climate change within the platform: Cultural Animation Caravan for Sustainable Development in the Great Lakes Region as responsible for mobilization and communication: in 2011 he fights for the promotion of renewable energies, within the framework of the Global Power Shift campaign,, which was launched in Istanbul (Turkey) in 2014; a fierce campaign against fossil fuels.

He understands that as an entrepreneur, he is carrying the Jatropha Congo project, whose goal is to be able to produce biofuel, using the Jatropha plant. Which, moreover, gave him the privilege to take part in the incubator of Synapse Center in Dakar (Senegal) in 2014 as part of the program Innove4Africa.

Currently, he is the coordinator of the NGO Hope Land Congo (HLC), an organization working in environmental protection, promoting agricultural entrepreneurship and promoting clean renewable energy to ensure access for all to energy.

André Moliro, is at the same time, focal point of the Youth Network for Climate Smart Agriculture. The most recent professional experiences are: training in agricultural entrepreneurship (agribusiness) and cultural techniques, which I put at the disposal of young people (entrepreneurs, farmers, students and others) for 2 years now through my organization HOPE LAND CONGO, in all 250 young people benefited from these trainings. Also the establishment of a rice growing, starting from a variety of lowland rice improved in collaboration with the Center of the Demonstration on Agricultural Techniques in acronym “CDTA” in January 2018, on a surface of 1 hectare in view seed production. This last project is part of food security.


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