CSAYN Promotes The 6th Brazil Africa Forum Using Music

Music is the global universal language. It not only conveys stories, but it is also a tool to improve well-being, develop skills and education and create pathways out of poverty. Yet, music has never been looked at a standalone use case … Continued

Youth Across Africa Driving Sustainable Agriculture Through Digital Economy

The world talks a lot about the digital revolution, but few connect it to the coming agriculture revolution, especially in Africa. Digital solutions have huge potential for helping farmers boost productivity and connect to financial tools and markets around the … Continued

June Newsletter: Cameroon Engage Youth Farmers & Students, Success Stories From the Field & Many More!

The Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN) consists of volunteers based in 20 sub-Saharan African countries, Canada, Germany and Indonesia, who promote and strengthen Climate smart agriculture and sustainable development issues among youth. Find attached our newsletter for the month … Continued

Young Women Across Africa Speaks Up Towards 6th Brazil Africa Forum.

Young Women Across Africa Speaks Up Towards 6th Brazil Africa Forum. It was encouraging to see a number of women in agriculture, from different parts of Africa speak up about their challenges and offering recommendations to African leaders. The 6th … Continued